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The Grace of Faith

by Vinaflor Realista
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A sermon reflection on Matthew 24:36-42, “Unannounced but Not to be Unexpected” by Pastor David Chiong. 

The gospel presented clearly that –

God is Holy
Man is a Sinner
Christ is the Solution
Man’s Response

I thank God for His righteous preachers for this generation to declare His unchanging message.

There are a lot of things I have learned from the message, but I will zero in on the life of Noah, and how I can apply the lessons I’ve learned to my personal walk in the Lord in preparing for His second coming.  “Noah found favor in the Lord.” God choosing Noah and favoring him was not based on Noah’s works of righteousness, but solely according to God’s sovereign will.

Therefore, faith is a gift from the Lord and not a personal gain. The Lord has favored Noah and showed him grace that resulted to FAITH that produced TRUST and OBEDIENCE to God.

Knowing this truth, I have to be grateful every day for God’s grace and favor shown upon me. Thereby allowing me to see my sinfulness and depravity, which caused me to come to Christ and rely on His finished work on the cross for my own righteousness.

I have to make my calling sure, thru living a life of full submission and trust in His words. I will daily take the time to read my bible, write my learnings and take heed of their warnings, apply and obey it diligently by the grace of God. By so doing, I can honor God and abide by His will and purposes for my life – all for His greater glory.

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