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Transformed Mind Pleases God

by Vinaflor Realista
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“Change” is hard and difficult especially when we have become comfortable and settled with what we believe and routinely do. We tend to argue, resist and not accept, as what Pastor David illustrated. But, what is constant in this temporal world is change.

As a Christian, I have been made alive from darkness to light thru the saving grace of God in Jesus Christ. Now, I am called to transform/renew my mindset according to the truth of the Gospel so I can please and honor God in my life.

Renewing our minds can be possible as we study the Bible, listen to doctrinal messages during the Sunday sermon and lessons from WIDER (what we call our discipleship in GCAF) meetings. By the grace of God, we are enabled to understand these truths we study and receive, and be transformed by them.

I thank God for granting me the grace to have the desire to know Him as I do my book-by-book study of the Bible, and as I write my reflections on them and share them with others. This way, I can be accountable with what I’ve learned, and at the same time help me remember and apply the lessons in my daily life. I am also grateful to the GCAF leadership and ministers for intentionally preaching us doctrinal messages Sunday to Sunday, to help us understand the truth and transform our minds and lives.

Praise God as well for avenues in WIDER groups that reinforce these lessons in small group discussions.

In the end, it’s up to us to be willing to be changed, renewed, and be transformed by the truths, since all avenues are given to us; we just need to utilize and apply the learnings and truths to change our mindset for the LORD.

To God be the Glory!

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