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New Year Goals: Deep Trust and Hope in the Grace of God

by Emie Molo
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I love New Year, not just for the fun, festivities, and food, but more so for the new beginnings they signify. If you’re like me, you would also love the New Year for the wonderful opportunity to refresh and reboot your life. Think hashtags #newyearnewme, #newyeargoals #newyearsresolutions.

However, when I think about all the things I’ve done in the past year, I can never overlook the chance of looking at how much was missed or left undone. Maybe that’s sad, disappointing even. But if there’s one thing I appreciate most in the New Year is that it brings new hope for me, for all of us. Because if you’re like me, whose tendency is to be performance-driven, you would be sorely disappointed with your failings, maybe even frustrated at all the underachieved goals. But thank God that my significance no longer stands upon the amount of my achievements. I have hope that despite failing at times and “missing the mark”, I am not condemned for them. Instead, these situations could always point me to have greater hope for the future – a better one and a better me. I have hope because I know who God is. He is good and He remains to be good at all times towards His children.

God’s goodness to us, His children, is not measured according to our ability to perform, our goodness to others or our being so “put together”. God’s goodness – His kindness, His graciousness – that’s just who He is.

One of the most wonderful and greatly talked about truths in the Scriptures is the grace of God. The word grace refers to God’s willingness to treat His creatures, not according to their own merit or worth, but according to His own kindness and generosity.

Psalm 86 is one such passage in the Bible that extensively talks about God’s grace.

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