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Saved by Grace

by Vinaflor Realista
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A sermon reflection on Matthew 27:1-10, “ The Sovereign Grace of God” by Pastor Marven joe Realista.

Man’s sinful nature cannot and will not choose God. Our free will is inclined away from God. Thus, if we are left to ourselves, we will not come into salvation and go straight to hell. As John 6:44 clearly states “no one can come to Jesus, unless drawn by the father”. Not unless, the sovereign God will replace our hearts of stone to flesh, to regenerate us, we will not desire, seek nor come to salvation.

Salvation is God’s grace, it’s His pleasure to grant mercy to those whom He pleases and implement justice to the rest. An example is Peter, whom God showed grace and mercy to by preserving him even after his denial/downfall. He has become a rock of faith among the early Christian believers.

I thank God for granting grace and mercy upon such a sinner as myself, for opening my eyes to faith, regenerating me and turning my heart of stone to a heart of flesh, to seek and to desire Him, and be saved from eternal damnation.

I cannot account for my own goodness and righteousness for this great gift of salvation, but all by His love and grace, God the father has drawn me to Jesus. I am assured that He will preserve me until the day of Christ coming. All for God’s greater glory. Amen.

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