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Redeemed Slave

by Vinaflor Realista
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Sermon Reflection on Matthew 24:43-51, “Get Ready, Be Happy” by Pastor Marven Joe Realista

The 2 types of slaves mentioned in the parable about being ready for the master’s coming made me ponder on my own life. The master left for a while and upon his return, would he find a faithful or sensible slave of the one he left in charge? I searched my life and began to ask myself these questions:

What kind of slave am I, the good or the bad?

Is my life transformed by the Gospel? Is Christ evident in my life?

How can I live out my Christianity?

  1. Redeemed Slave

I could say I have been a bad slave, I was complacent with the tasks given to me, was unfaithful to my master and enjoyed my own life. BUT, thanks be to the God almighty for showing me favor and grace, waking me and pulling me from that life. Now, I stand by His grace confidently saying “I am becoming more and more like a good slave, all by the grace of God, not by my own strength and will but by His gift of faith and righteousness in Christ for letting me see the truth of Christ.”

  1. Transformed Slave

Transformation is from the inside out, God has changed and fine- tuned my life, I could say. By His grace, He allowed me to see my real condition as a sinner, and it humbled me and led me to be in awe of and to wonder at His great work on the cross. I am slowly, little by little, being transformed. One indication of that is my desire and passion to study the Word of God, I enjoy the truths that are revealed as if I have heard and known them for the first time. I am now even more able to understand, in great part due to the insights and wisdom from the Lord. I could humbly say that I am regenerated by the grace, mercy and favor of God the Father; thus, allowing me to come to Jesus.

  1. Total Surrender to the Master

Christian living is a life of submission and surrender to the sovereignty of God. I will by His grace, abide in Him by daily communing with His presence. Just like the faithful slave, I will be expectant of Christ’s certain return thru:

  • Faithful abiding in bible reading and prayer, this year, I aim to develop my prayer life.
  • Being ready by practicing holy living – being aware of what I do and why I do things, making sure of giving honor and glory to God, among other things.
  • Waiting in eager expectation, with hope amidst all the chaos all around, for His reward in heaven.

Lord, grant me the grace to submit to you daily. Amen.

Christian living is a life of submission and surrender to the sovereignty of God.

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