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Matthew 27:57-60 Sermon Reflection

by Vinaflor Realista
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The passage accounts for a man named Joseph of Arimathea, only mentioned in this portion of the gospel for his act of asking Jesus’ body and giving away his own burial place for Jesus which was prophesied a long time ago.

The message was clear and on point in reminding all Christians that what we have now, the POSSESSIONS and POSITIONS are given by God for His greater purposes. The accomplishment of His sovereign will in action, what we call PROVIDENCE, all for the GLORY of HIS NAME.

I remember questioning my appointment as head of the hospital, how I struggled as I did not have an administrative background and almost gave up. Now, it makes more sense in light of my acknowledgement of God’s sovereign plan which is for me to shine my light thru the sharing of the gospel.

How it was God’s providence my having a partner in the ministry, a husband who is a pastor and who have been with me in declaring God’s truth to the employees, particularly prior Covid, when we intentionally made time during flag raising every Monday to have a Gospel sharing and also during general meetings. During Covid, God has provided me with a prayer and bible study group that intercedes for our fellow workers to come to Christ in salvation.

Now I have resolved in my heart that whatever the Lord gives, He has the sole authority to do as He pleases. I am but a steward, a servant of the King.
Lord, grant me the grace daily to submit to Your sovereign will and be attentive. All for the greater glory of Your name. 🙏

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