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Jesus, Ever-Reigning King

by Earlbert Abecia
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Our team wrote this anthem as our battle cry in this pandemic. Glory to God for blessing us with such talents!

Here are the lyrics:

Hitherto that the days You’ve given us
Your faithfulness and Your grace abounds so much
You are true and living One

Speaking forth of the miracles You’ve done
You have caused us to grow and be alive
Your strength would help us thrive

Pre Chorus
Our eyes are upon You
Our hope Lord is in You
Our lives are on You Lord

Jesus the giver of our lives
Jesus the rock on which we stand
Jesus the healer of our hearts
Jesus to You we lift our hands
Jesus the author of our faith
Jesus You are our reigning king

We may go through trials and sufferings
Holding on to the truth that shall remain
That You are God, victorious king

We put our trust to the One and living God
In every storm we shall rise above as “one”
“Emmanuel” our battle cry

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